Nanoimaging page

for information on our research on bioimaging modalities have a look at our Biological Nanoimaging homepage . A list of publications can be found at Rainer Heintzmann's homepage.

The affiliation homepages can be reached as follows: King's College London , Institute of Physical Chemistry and Institute of Photonic Technology

Software for download

View5D, a java applet and ImageJ plugin. .

CudaMat, a cuda-based accellerator supporting Matlab and the DipImage toolbox.

Software (available on request to collaborators)

A sofware suite for reconstruction of structured illumination data.

Standalone C++ programs for microscopy image processing related tasks.

A generic deconvolution toolbox, capable of treating various coherent and incoherent data modes. E.g. structured illumination, holography, magnetic resonance imaging, ...

A software suite for maximum likelihood deconvolution.

Rewrite, a tool for computation and formal mathematics. The math syntax is freely definable via include files.

Also have a look at the Biological Nanoimaging homepage .